Sunday, June 14, 2009

NOS Mopar Door Handle Pair BFCMR body 75-89 (71-4B SS)

NOS pair of 3882621 door handles originally put into production for 1975, but the 71-4 B body part # superseded to this as well. If you want to use them for that, be aware that it has a slightly different look (lip at the bottom) and you will have to fudge the links somewhat. Click image to enlarge.

100% correct for:

1975 Cordoba/Roadrunner/Fury/Coronet/Charger
1976 Aspen/Coronet/Charger/Fury/Volare
1977 Cordoba/LeBaron/Town & Country/Aspen/Charger/Diplomat/Monaco/Fury/Volare
1978 Cordoba/LeBaron/Town & Country/Aspen/Charger/Diplomat/Magnum/Monaco/Fury/Volare
1979 Cordoba (300)/LeBaron/New Yorker/Newport/Town & Country/Aspen/Diplomat/Magnum/St.Regis/Volare
1980 LeBaron/New Yorker/Newport/Town & Country/Aspen/Diplomat/St.Regis/Gran Fury/Volare
1981 LeBaron/New Yorker/Newport/Town & Country/Diplomat/St.Regis/Gran Fury
1982 New Yorker/Diplomat/Gran Fury
1983 Executive Sedan/Fifth Avenue/Imperial/Diplomat/Gran Fury
1984 Executive Sedan/Fifth Avenue/Diplomat/Gran Fury
1985-86-87-88-89 Fifth Avenue/Diplomat/Gran Fury

Original Mopar parts, not repop crap. $125.00 (PR)

Sold out!

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