Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Longines Ladies Pocketwatch circa 1904 unusual shape

Currently for sale on ebay.

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If you want more or specific pictures, let me know and I will post them here.

I have had this a long time, and have never seen another like it. About 7-8 years ago, I emailed Longines with the #'s on it and pictures. They got back to me, and said by the #'s (I lost the email in a crash, but I am sure this info is correct) it was shipped to a watchmaker in NY. Also said judging by the pictures (not physically handling it) an estimated value by them would be in the $14-1600.00 range. According to the serial # daters on the web, it was made late in 1904 (I thought they told me 1914, but time---memory--you know)

The good:

Very nice silver plated case intact (5-1/2 X 3-1/8 X 1/2), these are usually long gone.
The body has nice carving, and an unusual shape, roughly 2-1/8 X 1-7/8...slightly smaller than your standard men's pocket watch.
Ladies pocket watches were made in lower quantities----less demand as they usually wore a smaller one on a necklace.
It functions fine, wind it and it runs, seeming to keep good time.
Different than most pocket watches you see out there, kind of a breath of fresh air.

The bad:

It could use a good cleaning and a glass face (glass is gone), a watchmaker here told me not to clean it myself, and the glass raplacement would be no problem.

The facts:

Spot on back for initials has never been engraved.
Inside back says gold filled Wadsworth Quality Shape pat. 12.9.24 7191904.
Inside on the movement is Longines watch company 15 jewels 1736716.
The face seems to use the 1905 started logo.

I sort of collect watches so not too sure why I am listing it today...I really like this one and firmly believe that if this sells for under a thousand someone gets a smokin' deal. If you know anything more about it, please drop me a line.

I would like to see $1200.00 out of it, make me offers.

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