Tuesday, November 10, 2015

72 Dodge Charger Hidewaway Headlamp Stuff

Here is some stuff that you were asking for.
First 3 pix are of a bumper in the yard, but there are some pieces..
 I think 6 of the mounting brackets...
 The motor mount bracket.
 This is a left (drivers side) housing I had in the house... I will pull the door. 
There is 1 crack. and 1 missing tab... but I believe I can pull a tab off from the broken stuff in the yard.
This is a full passenger side, I will pull the grille and door.
 Housing and the grille surround all very nice, 2 small ding on the side, could not get a picture of it, but can feel it. No cracks that I see.
Email me ekudoboduke@gmail.com I leave for holiday in a couple days.

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