Monday, December 13, 2010

Baroness - A Horse Called Golgotha 7" pressing info

Limited edition, one-time pressing. Features A Horse Called Golgotha and a previously unreleased cover of the DESCENDENTS classic Bikeage.

Pressing Information:
100 Clear (Not available to the public. Please do not request clear.)
309 Black
429 Red
493 Pink
45 Clear Red (recently released info)
750 Purple

Now, on top of those numbers, there are 2 others they have not released the information on:

140 Blue/Purple and 6 Clear Purple !!

I gave my pink one to a friend, or I would show you all of them, but check the pix.

The Purple /750 were the RSD retail version, the clear /100 are the band/Relapse employee version (not for sale to public) and the /140 blue/purple, the /45 clear red, and the /6 clear purple were plant screw ups that were not sold at all. I know a couple people that requested the lowest pressing possible when buying through the webstore that got the /45 red in the mail, I have seen none advertised for sale of the /140 blue/purple (the one I have is the only one I have seen) and I know where 4 out of the 6 clear purples are/went.

offers/trades on any of them? email me.

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