Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ampeg V-4B Bass Head 1972 1973 100 Watt Tube Amp V 4 B

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Classic Tube amp head. I should keep it, the few people I know that have had one and sold it say it was a bad move. Everyone that tries one of these says WOW, period. There is no comparable sound. I have had this since it was around 10 years old, early 80's, but have not played it in over 10 years because my cab and some other stuff got ripped off while at someone else's house...I had a Marshall I used sometimes, glad it was there and not this. I have had intentions of taking it in and giving it a once over, just because I never did, but need some $ and have listed it here for a while...if it interests you, don't wait because it could sell, or I could pull it at any time. I have my '76 Ric on a waiting list to be restored, and if it show up done...BOOM, I will want this!!

I remember the volume pot being a little noisy, and due to its age, I would seriously consider sending it in for a good cleaning inside, and possibly a re-tube (it has 7027's in it), but the last time I used it, it played may need it now though. I always stored it in a safe dry spot in the house though. I bet you fire it up and it rips.

In researching, I believe it to be a late '72 or early '73. It has a 3 prong plug (started late '72) and the blue mesh...which they changed to black sometime in '73. You can see the serial # there, which at first made me think it was a '68, but it has division of Magnavox on the back, making it post '70. The 2 things I mentioned above make me narrow down the date. Whenever it was made, these heads rip...they are killer.

Shipping is an issue, this is a beastly 70 lbs I am sure. An Albertan would be cool, I could arrange pickup or delivery, Canada I could do Greyhound collect...USA would probably have to be UPS...all at your expense no matter where you are (I will ship worldwide if you cover the nut), and at this point have no idea, but $60-$80 would not surprise me in the least in North America, elsewhere will be brutal.


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