Saturday, February 6, 2010

Forge Again Records / Father Phoenix

Just bought a bunch of stuff from Forge Again Records, great to deal with and some pretty cool bands, like Elder (check 'em out). One of the releases I received was FAR-029, Father Phoenix - Large Bodies LP/CD combo... priced EXTREMELY well, and a fantastic band. On the site they say, loud Sabbath/Deep Purple sound, and while I hear that, they are very unique in their own right. I personally heard a Budgie/Atomic Rooster influence...A fantastic package too, nice clear LP with silkscreened B side (only 320 copies) and a matching CD, freakin' groovy ;-)

Anyway, talk to Justin @ Forge Again, he will hook you up. Lots of low # pressings of some cool stuff, with A1 customer service.

*EDIT* He hooked me up recently with Father Phoenix's new full length, witch it totally awesome, been playing it a lot!! You can download it here for a measly $5 (or more if you desire) and support!!

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