Wednesday, September 23, 2009


OK I am waiting for an insurance adjuster to show up here...he said he would be here, first stop in the morning 8:30-9:00. Here it is 1:35 grrrrr. So while waiting I have been digging through stuff to sell, and parted out a Compaq LTE 5300 laptop...great machine in its day. Anyway, searching up the parts prices to set mine, I am floored by these old PC parts warehouses prices...are they INSANE? Do they ever plan on selling anything? C'mon, $188 for a 10 year old 2GB laptop drive? $250 for a 5.1 gigger? OK realistically I could see $25, I mean if I needed to do a pcb repair on one of these that had info on it, no prob. Or if I still ran a machine that did not recognize anything bigger, but man, I see it with all their stuff, 256Mb of server ram, $125, are you kidding!! I would be glad to sell mine for $10 instead of it going to landfill/recycle/whatever.

*rant off*

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