Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pentastar windows Street Van

The first pic here shows the "hairline" cracks. It looks like a star or chip in the center, but that is a scuff. The crack is about 7/16 long, but does not leak water. The smoked plexiglass is marked Plexiglass Acrylic Dot 48 M2 24 AS5. It shows some shelf wear from sitting, especially at the peak of the star, but I believe it could be polished out.

The second pic shows the 1 corner on the 1 window with a slight bow, this can easily be straightened, but I do not want to do it myself.

You can see all 4 pieces for install...If it originally came with screws I never got them, I would assume them to be std self tappers anyway.

The material is Aluminium, click each image to enlarge.

The last pic shows it installed on a van, the picture is in the 1982 Direct Connection book. I have pictures of them from the inside if you want. *SOLD*

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