Friday, June 26, 2009

NOS Magnum 500 Center Cap Set 3580466 ++

Magnum wheel centers (4) 3580466 + (4) retainers 2823845 + (8) screws 6029190 (not shown) . I see repops available, but I think new Mopar parts are the best. I have had these for probably 15 years or so, but plan on selling the wheels they are. I see a US dealership on ebay selling these @ 66 bucks each so I think @ $250.00 shipped anywhere in the world it is a good price, less than theirs before shipping ;-) Pretty sure these were used 67-74 or so, click image to enlarge.
The picture looks like two sets of two different ones, but it is a trick of the light...the faces all match.

*SOLD* On a car in B.C. Thanks!!

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