Thursday, June 18, 2009

71-4 B Body HP Cluster

OK what we have for sale here is a 1971-1974 B body rallye cluster, performance style...tach and 150 speedo, with the split smaller gauges on the right. These are not up for sale in this configuration to often. It is THE one for 71 Hemi - Six Pack cars, Super Bee R/T GTX Roadrunner etc.

It was pulled from one I was driving, so it all was working when put inside, since 87 or so. The mask is nice, not chalky, but as you may notice, there is the pushnut deal hole (clock set) in the tach spot, I put the tach in to replace the clock that was in there when I got the car. In that, if you want another mask for the tach hole, let me know, at the time of writing this, I have one here, but I will leave the replacement of it up to you :) and you sell the clock one later. The voltage limiter and capacitor (noise suppressor?) are there, as is the wiring for them. The tach is 2985170, I bought it in 86 or so. There is one tab for the radio broken off, however when the radio is installed, it made no noticeable difference as to the mounting...I did not know until I pulled it out, but I lost it somewhere. If your bidding is hinging on that, email me, I would consider cutting a replacement off of another housing for you ( I am not sure on pot metal repair?). All the gauges are nice, the speedo shows 79788.6.

I also have a few nice bezels left if you need.

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