Monday, May 4, 2009

A Top 10 List....

There is something I always have had trouble making for a few reasons. One is that my taste varies from time to time, and 2 I like more than 10 A LOT!

Generally speaking, over a long time, as you can see by the side board I am a B body guy. To narrow that down 68-71 would be my trim it a little more, you could say my preference is a Dodge.

The Dodge that gave me the Mopar bug was a '68 Super Bee, and it still holds strong. I would go so far as to say a '68 Coronet 2 door is and will always be my favorite, I am pretty sure if I won a bazillion dollars there would be at least 5 '68 Coronets trucked here in very short order...a Hemi Bee, a 383 Bee, a loaded 440 R/T and a Hemi R/T, as well as a 440 or 500 model to build a beast out of. Pretty sure a '68 Charger would be next hehe.

OK an attempt at a list today, add yours in the comments if you want.

1968 Coronet (Bee or R/T)
1968 Charger (R/T)
1971 Charger (Super Bee or R/T)
1968 Hurst Hemi Dart
1969 Daytona
1969.5 440+6 B body (Bee or Runner)
1967 WO Coronet
1970 Superbird
1971 Cuda Convertible (440+6)
1971 Challenger (R/T SE)

Honorable mentions would include:
All other "factory" race know what they are. (even close ones like the '69 Charger 500 or any "M" code)
300's in general, but in particular the "F" and the '70 Hurst.
'58 Desoto Fireflyte, beauty.
'78-79 Dodge Magnum GT, great cruisers.
340 A bodies. (or the WAY cool GTS and GSS big block or supercharger ones!)
I kind of did this with cars, but you need to count the Warlocks, and Lil Red Express truck.
On and on....Mopars rule!
Oh yea, 70-71 Roadrunner/GTX--72-74 B bodies in general, Mirada (CMX), C body convertibles, F bodies-especially R/T and RR 77-80, Cop I said the list is HUGE!

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