Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NOS 2465483 Throttle Cable retainer all models

NOS 2465483 Mopar throttle cable plug. Being a push in -spread out type part, these seem to either break or get lost during restoration. It goes at the gas pedal, where the knob end of the throttle cable goes through a hole, then drops into a slot...this fills the hole after cable installation to keep it from popping out. A very important, yet tiny part.

It fit all models of Mopar, for sure every car/truck in the 70's ABECFM & trucks, I have seen it on the early 80's vehicles like Mirada, truck, Imperial Cordoba etc. and have seen the part # back in the parts books AT LEAST as far back as 1964, probably earlier. Basically, if you are restoring a Mopar, you need it, and it IS a discontinued part, not something you can go get at your local dealer. In the illustration, it is Plug 14-11-31. $15.00 shipped anywhere in the world.

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