Thursday, May 14, 2009

1968-1970 NOS Mopar drip rail mouldings B body

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I have 2 here for sale, selling them as a pair, but not sure if it will work that way, so you decide. ( I think the non vinyl listed one will fit over the vinyl, the size difference is very nominal)

Both of these #'s have been obsolete since early 1984. 2841504 passenger side with vinyl roof, 2840283 drivers side without vinyl roof.

Keep in mind these are correct for a pretty cool group of cars...69 Charger 500 or Daytona...70 Superbird or GTX...68 Super Bee or Roadrunner all the 68-70 2 door B bodies.

NOS drip rail mldg's are very scarce, and it is one of those mouldings that is inevitably bent/kinked/tweaked when pulled off.

There are repops available now, but I heard the quality is not the same, and they want about $250.00 a set. I would like to see something in the $300.00 neighborhood, make me a reasonable offer and we can deal ;-)

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