Friday, May 22, 2009

15X7 Rallye Wheels 1970 (69-70 date codes)

Click to enlarge, go to links of each for Photobucket folder with more pix.

First one pictured here looks quite true, but some bolt holes are wallowed a little (not much at all). Pentastar @ the valve stem with MI over 0 a 5 and a 4.
Inside is E 15X7 JJ a logo 1 A 852 M4 over 0 Made in USA and a 2 in a circle.
Photobucket set

Second one here I repainted w/Eastwood paint early 90's, a nice wheel. 2944390 at the valve stem hole MI?(must be M4) over 9 852.
Photobucket set

Third one Is a X7 for sure width the same as the others, but it is a little crusty inside. At the valve stem hole is MI over 0, 9 18 and a rolls ok.
Photobucket set

The last one is what I would say the worst one has the little curb bite, look by the weight on it. Not outrageous. It is stamped M4 over 9 852 15X7 JJ USA...on the outside at the valve stem is MI/0 11 18 and a pentastar as well as 2944390 on the lip. Now that I have been looking, I remember my dad taking it to a wheel shop 15+ years ago to look at the curb bite, and they wrote on the inside---repairable---.
Photobucket set

I would like to see $750 out of the set, email me with any questions,offers or for shipping costs.

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