Thursday, April 23, 2009

Selling my parts, albums, stuff in general

I have all kinds of stuff to sell, but we quit ebay 4-5 years ago, and said we would never go back. Generally speaking, it was due to the fees, out last tax year we did it, it worked out to 30 freakin' % that they took after list/relist/fvf/paypal....

Mostly what you will see is Mopar parts, but you never know what I might find in my collection, I did inherit a packrat gene ;-)

Tried to just use our own website, and Moparts, but have found it very sporadic, so a couple weeks ago took the plunge begrudgingly back into the ebay world, hoping it will generate some traffic...

I have decided to utilize this blog for both selling and just as a "blog" so I will add Paypal buttons to posts that pertain to items for sale. I do prefer cashiers cheques or money orders as there are no fees, but, whatever works for you. Please read the shipping details on each ad, some will be included, some included only in North America, some will need calculated as to where you are.

Please, any questions, feel free to contact me at ekudoboduke at and I will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

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