Saturday, April 25, 2009

1974 HP 440 Air Cleaner

This one is very hard to find. It specifically fits 1974 only 440 in Dodge and Plymouth Cop Cars, + the Charger Rallye 440 and The Roadrunner GTX. See how the arms are closer than the standard one. It has the 400 decal, only because I have been swapping around lids (the lids are physically the same) to put air cleaners together. No rust on this at all.

There is a bunch of pictures here to show the inside, the side, the valve, and one of it on top of a '74 400 aircleaner to show how much closer the arms are on this 440 one. There is also a picture of the new AC118 Mopar Air Filter that is included.

In the pic with the decal, you may see a 1972 date, but that is actually a copyright date for the decal itself, that was used until 83-84 or so. Also the OSAC valve # (3755727) corresponds to be correct for 74 440 (also others...). Click each image to enlarge...


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