Tuesday, March 30, 2010

-(16)- Band --- - EX Drummer Jason Corley Rip Off !!

Just a heads up, on Jan. 28th 2010 I bought a -(16)- - Bridges To Burn clear LP (signed), a clear LP (unsigned) and a purple LP and a bunch of other Relapse stuff from Jason Corley of Santa Ana California 92706, who is be the ex drummer from the band -(16)-, Fistula, King Travolta, Scumchrist, Maxmillion and Everything That Could Ruin You.
He seems to be suggesting he is all good with Relapse and -(16)-, he deals with them regular, was "phoning" to check on some other stuff for me, since he needed to restock anyway... but he has stiffed me on the $150 and was all full of excuses... now not responding and letting the paypal claim sit.

He was musicmemorabiliaplusmore on eBay, as I see now he is "not a registered user"...I wonder what the new ID will be, and who he will sell these records to next??? I got my money back, Now April 30, pretty confident he never sent them at all. maccor@att.net is one of the email addresses. He also signs emails, + posts on sites with JxCx. Watch for these signs!!

I just did some digging on the net, and I want it known that he is "burning bridges" so to speak...here are some quotes from other sites:

"I just want to tell you guys that Jason Corley (former drummer of 16, Fistula, King Travolta...) is a crooked guy. Several weeks ago I've bought some stuff via his ebay account (hardcorley). The parcel was supposed to be covered by insurance but did never arrive here. Jason doesn't answer my mails - $ 72 are gone. Don't deal with this guy! :

"That's what the guys from 16 wrote me:
"That's one of the reasons he is not in the band is that he continually rips people off and stuff like this keeps coming up. I have his address but no real contact information. I'm really sorry for your trouble but our advice is to not deal with in any way. He is no longer associated with -(16)- ."

If you take look at his eBay feedback you'll see that it's not the first time that he betrayed somebody. "

"He has changed his eBay name to 'corlecidal' now. Be warned. "

I sorted it out with Paypal (I waited almost 100 days for refund) but he has not made contact since the 8th of March, when he told me everything had been shipped a couple days earlier. I now have to believe he never shipped.

The pic is the signed one he offered up.

Jason you out there??? Quit ripping people off!!

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